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Airsail Model Kits

Avetek Limited is pleased to announce we have agreed to sell the Airsail Rubber Model Kit range to a UK company. In coming to this decision, we felt that the product line has run its course within the New Zealand market and will now be exposed to a larger market that we could not have accessed. The product range has been a starting point for many of New Zealand’s modellers for many years and we have been proud to have added our expertise to these kits with laser cut and 3D printed components.

As of the 18th June, we no longer manufacture or carry any stock for this product range.

All enquiries for the Airsail Rubber Model Kit range can be directed to:

JoTiKa Limited


We thank those who originally bought this product to the market and those that have helped us develop the product.

Avetek Limited will continue to supply the NZ market with our Auszac Eco Balsa, Bob Smith Industries Adhesives, Deluxe Products, Dura-Grit and our range of Laser cut short kits.

We will continue to supply the Orbit, Satellite, Mantis and Centon junior product range.

mantis Mantis
Wingspan 15.75″
Length 12″ centon-tow-line Centon Tow line Glider
Wingspan 31″ orbit-catapult Orbit Catapult Glider
Wingspan 15.75″ satellite-hlg-contest Satellite HLG Contest Glider
Wingspan 17.5″