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Wholesale provider of trade and hobby products New Zealand wide.

The widest range of prducts for Modelbuilding Supplies for Industry, Hobby and Craft

Balsa Wood Sheets

Finest Balsa Wood sheets from sustainable plantages in Papua New Guinea. Constant suply in variouse length, width and thicknesses. Soft and hard selections possible.

Blocks, Sticks & Shapes

Pre cut and sanded Balsa Wood blocks, sticks and shapes. Hardwood sticks in variouse sizes. We have the capability to cut custom length and sizes to your specifications.

Model Plywood

Wide variety of model plywood from 0.4mm to 6mm in Birch, Poplar, Bass and Pine

Avetek Glues

Spicialised CA & Epoxy glues and accessories from the Bob Smith Industries range

Hysol Structural Glue

Structural Glue from Loctite – high strength and wide range of applictaion. Nozzles and applicators available.


A range of accessories from glue caddies to workshop organisers

Jerry Bates Plans

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Custom Laser Cutting

We do custom leaser cutting of your ideas and plans. With our 100W CO2 laser we can cut Balsa, Plywood, EVA foam sheet, Rubber gaskets, acrylic sheets and many more materials. Get in touch with us for a quote of your plans.


Avetek NZ is the producer of the HangarOneKits range internationally loved and sought after. It is also available in New Zealand from our local store